Zak Barnes joins Michael Young to provide Topeka’s residents and visitors with a fun show full of surrealistic art featuring bold, bright colors. Come in and view the colorful works in “Off the Wall.” The artwork comes down Feb. 28, 2015, so come in now for your chance to inspect his works in the “Off the Wall.” If you’ve already been in, this show has so many intricate and interesting pieces you’ll see something new upon return.

For those who have seen his work, it comes as no surprise to most that the inspiration for Zak Barnes’ art comes from his home state of Kansas. His impressionistic plein air landscapes reveal a deep connection to his prairie roots, as does his studio work, which he describes as “loose narratives” with references to Midwestern folk art and Surrealism.

Zak has developed two distinct styles that are strongly influenced by a sense of “place” – the plen air landscape that captures timeless elements of earth and sky, and the narrative that mixes the recognizable with the improbable. Both his landscapes and more Surrealistic paintings have captured the attention of collectors from all walks of life.

Ghost of MonagleThe artist finds fulfillment in everyday life, taking to the road, being out in the open, loading and unloading the truck and dogs. He goes through phases where he paints in plein air. There is a physical as well as mental work in the process so it becomes a meditation and a practice. Working on site demands a concentration of attention and quickness of hand because the light changes with each passing moment. Zak paints with a brush and pallet knife, using thick impasto strokes to express his experiences and sensations through color and light.

Blog post written by Sharon Hotchkiss
edited by Lisa Coble-Krings