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My name is Lisa Coble-Krings. Off-and-on you can find me hanging out at Southwind Art Gallery, where I like learning about art & artists from Kansas. I’m a writer by profession, but I’ve not blogged much from my perspective, using my own voice. You see, I’m a multimedia communicator, and you may have watched videos I’ve edited and uploaded to this here website or photos I’ve shot for SouthWind’s Facebook page. I prefer to be behind the camera. Writing, like painting, is about putting yourself out there. I’ll try to provide some interesting tidbits about myself while I blog about being – for lack of better word – an understudy in the art business. I hope you read my blog posts. Here’s some extra motivation (a promise from Gary, the owner of SouthWind): Intermingled with my thoughts will be special deals for framing.

Southwind Art Gallery First Friday CrowdA little background on me: I’m a supporter of the arts, always have been. However, most recently my passion for and interest in art has been reignited thanks in large part to encouragement from and friendship with staff at SouthWind Art Gallery. Thanks for letting me use your site to contribute to the dialogue about art in Topeka. My passion for the arts is also fueled by recent cuts to state art funding. I dabbled in art throughout high school, and people who knew me growing up always knew I’d be surrounded by art – and cats, as a random matter of fact. (I own 1.) I love spending time in galleries and museums. Being around art is like an oasis and always takes my mind off of any trouble or stress in my life.

Southwind Art Gallery Upper GalleryWhy do I hang out at SouthWind? SouthWind Gallery is quintessentially Kansas. It’s an amazing space, so open and airy. There’s an unexpectedness here. I can look on the wall, see a wonderful painting and it could be gone the next time I come in. This is one cool business. I’ve never been that fond of sales, but the staff at SouthWind don’t come off as pushy salespeople. Gary’s in the business of building relationships, and he knows almost everyone who comes in. (If he doesn’t know you, he or his staff will get to know you.) It’s intriguing what propels people to come in the door – a painting for the new house, redecorating after a divorce, a rare print to get framed, heck, I’ve even been to a poetry reading at SouthWind. What will bring you in?

Maybe you’ll come in just to tell me you’ve read this here blog. Hint: I’m usually around during Topeka’s First Friday Artwalk and some Saturdays. Another hint: It’s a great time to visit SouthWind right now because the latest exhibit features Masters of the Midwest, including a new work by one of my favorite artists, Stan Herd. I’m also impressed by a painting of Anthony Benton Gude’s, the grandson of Thomas Hart Benton. There’s a Jim Cook and Debra Clemente that I’m fond of – so many good artists to talk about. That will have to wait for another day. Come into SouthWind and see the best of Kansas and Topeka reflected through paintings

I’m proud to be a patron of the arts in Topeka. It is a great arts town.

~ lck