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Dirt roads cutting through Flint Hills, impressionistic clouds racing across the sky and the flames of prairie fires. These are some of the scenes James Pringle Cook‘s paintings depict.

Jim Cook is an important painter who came from humble beginnings, has traveled the world and achieved much success. He has never forgotten the landscape of his home in the Flint Hills. He was raised in Eskridge, Kansas. He often returns to the tallgrass prairie to paint and to fill his heart with the spirit of this place.

We’ve represented Jim Cook for many years. His works are currently for sale at SouthWind Art Gallery, 29th and Oakley in Topeka.

He typically creates his paintings in a large-scale format that brings us closer to the vast splendor of the American landscape and the drama of the industrial scenes for which he is well known throughout the art world having been featured in magazines and collected by major art museums throughout the country.

His paintings are full of vigorous and confident brush strokes. He often uses a palette knife, which adds thick texture to his work. He paints because he loves it. His work is impressionistic, however, he provides the viewer with a recognizable reality. His impasto technique creates a surface full of movement and texture. The colors bring the paintings to life.

He holds a bachelor’s and masters arts degree from Emporia State University and an MFA from Wichita State University.

He formerly taught at the University of Arizona and has lived in Tucson ever since. His wife is artist DeAnn Melton. In addition to SouthWind Art Gallery, they show in galleries in Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho and California.

SouthWind Art Gallery’s current exhibit, the Best Holiday Ever! Miniature Art Show includes three miniatures by Jim Cook, a rare scale for him.