May 4 – July 3 2018

PASS THE PEAS, PLEASE! “Two Painters in a Pod” is the newest exhibit at SouthWind Art Gallery, featuring artists Kim Casebeer and Cristine Sundquist. Kim and Cris have painted together for years, and they share a love for the Kansas Flint Hills. Rendering the many features of our beautiful state is an obsession for these two, and they have captured the countless colors and atmospheres of Kansas in these lively works.

Kim has worked in both pastels and oils, but it’s always the land that moves her. “I think the simplicity of the Kansas landscape has helped me find the essence of other places. I’m able to focus on what’s important in a composition.”

Cris loves the atmospheric quality of both land and sky: “The art in this show is a manifestation of months of work, years of experience, and a great love for the Kansas landscape. It is my hope that viewing these paintings is a shared experience, evoking the same excitement and connection to the light and space that I feel.”

The artists have brought over fifty original works to SouthWind Art Gallery, and the walls are now windows to the Flint Hills. We hope you drop in to see these detailed works in person!