SouthWind Art Gallery’s featured artist for the months of October and November, Dana Hassett, returns with a new collection of Oils inspired by SouthWest themes. Dana’s paintings are born from her writings, which act as the initial sketch. Her work is made with the hope that the viewer will gain something from the experience of viewing the work. Here is the writing for her piece “Born to Soar”:

“Drifting, being, existing at total peace within a state of mental balance. Knowing instinctively that all that is needed for life will be provided. If one lets them self just float with nature – so many questions are answered. Complicated thinking dissolves and becomes of less importance. – New priorities begin to merge and form a totally different concept of what truly matters. The warmth of the sun; the length of a joyful moment; the evolution of a rock; the transition of seasons; the lifespan and fulfillment of all creatures; how instinct is formed; our place in the universe – Just think all we assume will be in order! You are born to soar!”

Come and experience the rest of Dana’s art and writings at SouthWind Art Gallery, 29th and Oakley in Topeka, KS.