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My new house came with a lot of bare walls. It is a much bigger space than my husband, Mike, and I had before. (“Buy larger than you need.” Ever hear that advice? Well, we took it.) Two walls in our living room remained bare as the furniture delivery men positioned the new couch. Now the living room, decorated eclectically with two Zac Barnes paintings, are signature stops on el tour de la casa de los Krings.

Zak Barnes painting The fact that guests linger in our living room can be credited to the inspiring staff at SouthWind Art Gallery and the even-more inspiring artists the gallery represents. One such artist Zac Barnes is known for both his paintings of Kansas landscapes and his works featuring women and trucks, the latter of which style I prefer.

We own two Zac Barnes paintings, “Bazaar Winter II” and “Redline Decoupage.” Friends and relatives linger because the paintings are well-done and make a person think.

“Bazaar Winter” (46.5X59) depicts a winter-turned-spring scene of women bathers in a stream. The landscape spans from St. Louis to Bazaar, Kanas. “Redline Decoupage,” well, I don’t know how to explain. There’s a bull, a cat, a windmill, a serpent, woman (of course) serving up a pan of fried eggs, a woman with money on her lap, champagne and two devil cupids floating around – and somehow the subjects all tie in together for a very surreal yet cohesive experience.

Zak Barnes paintingIt’s fun to show off the artwork, but really Mike and I sometimes just sit on our new couch and look together, converse. These paintings in our home have created moments of bonding and stimulated intellectual conversation.

While it’s cost prohibitive to move too fast too soon again, I’m ready and looking for my next purchase. Art collecting fascinates me more than it ever has. (Did you know that some art is looked at as an investment purchase?) Thanks to SouthWind’s owner Gary Blitsch for exposing me to the art gallery business, and more importantly to fine art representing the best of Kansas found in his gallery.

I’m proud to buy art in Topeka and my experience at SouthWind Art Gallery has changed my life and spurred on a love of art and art ownership in me and my husband. Plus, we just have a much more fun living room to hang out in.

Thanks for reading. Please come by the gallery to find out what’s happening or check back here for online updates. What types of posts/topics would you like to see on this art gallery’s blog?