Above: Terry Cooke Hall, “Radiance” and Donna Howell-Sickles, “Just Follow the Light”


Daughters of the Prairie
July 6 – August 31

31 of the top female artists in the region, including Western art darling Donna Howell-Sickles, converge on SouthWind Art Gallery for an all-female exhibition this summer. “Daughters of the Prairie” is packed full of paintings depicting the familiar, like sunflowers and Kansas landscapes, and the more exotic, like true cowgirls and musicians.

Many of these artists have been featured in national art magazines. Many are Kansas natives, but others come Arizona, Texas, Montana, Nebraska, Utah, Oklahoma and even Pennsylvania. You’ll recognize many of these women artists.

Represented in our Daughters of the Prairie exhibition are Shauna Bell, Jessica Bell, Mary Binford Miller, Kim Casebeer, Naomi Cashman, Chris Chapin, Debra Clemente, Rose Collins, Terry Cooke Hall, Virginia Grass-Simmons, Patricia A. Griffin, Deb Groesser, Whitney Hall, Dana Hassett, Donna Howell Sickles, Donna Jackson, Cally Krallman, Shanna Kunz, Diane Lawrence, Judy Mackey, Gwen McClain, Abigail Miller, Cher Heller Olson, Ruth Powers, Jeanie Pflumm, Elizabeth Robbins, Susan Rose, Cristine Sundquist, Jean Terry, Cathie Thompson, Barbara Waterman-Peters, and Nancy Whitaker.

Our walls are barely strong enough for all of this girl power! Stop by to see “Daughters of the Prairie” in person. It’s one of our best shows! You’re sure to be moved by the expertise, passion and creativity conveyed in original works from these 31 female artists. in the relaxing atmosphere of SouthWind Art Gallery.


A Family of Artists

photo of a wall of oil paintings and watercolors, mostly framed in goldWe’re proud to represent three generations of artists in this exhibit. Longtime SouthWind friend and Flint Hills painter Judith Mackey exhibits alongside daughter Shawna Bell and granddaughter Jessica Bell.

Jessica and Judy are exhibiting oil paintings while Shawna is showing her watercolors in this all-female exhibit titled “Daughters of the Prairie.”

The three paint and work together out in the Flint Hills near Manhattan. Could there be a better representation of “Daughters of the Prairie”!?!