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Michael Young, a Lansing native, creates a whirlwind of narrative works that mesmerize the viewer with scenes spanning time and space. Each of Young’s works is a detailed window to a specific moment that the viewer is able to participate. Young utilizes his architectural skills with an amazing attention to color to fashion dream-like realms. Learn about his inspiration and his background in the video below:

Young’s murals can be viewed in the Leavenworth County Courthouse, C. W. Parker Carousel Museum in Leavenworth, and the Horizon Hotel in New York City, a piece which he is very proud of.

The styles and themes of his work include what he calls “Prismatism,” which is a semi-abstract style that mimics x-ray vision, and Art Deco, which is illustrated in some of his South Beach, Florida pieces, among others. His pieces at his latest show at SouthWind Art Gallery evoke emotion, whether it’s the bright and cheerfulness of the “Funeral of Fred Phelps” or the dark and and Halloween-centric feeling of “A Haunting.” Customers who love circus scenes will want to check out his bearded lady in the work called “The Proposal.”

Interested individuals can view his works at SouthWind Art Gallery’s “Off the Wall” show now through the end of February 2015.