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Jessie Rasche


Artist Biography

I am an artist living in South Dakota (originally from Washington State). I am a member of the Oil Painters of America.
I was born in 1971 in the Pacific Northwest. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs and I inherited that gene. I studied Fine Art at the Pacific NW College of art in Portland, Oregon, in 1989-91 and later graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelors in Psychology. I’ve had an eclectic job history – I’ve been a research assistant in a molecular biology lab, and in a women’s health department at a hospital, and at UW medical center working with amputees at the Veterans Hospital. I’ve also worked as a scientific and medical illustrator and animator (which was very cool). I now live with my husband, son, two gerbils and two cats in South Dakota, volunteer as the kindergarten art teacher, and paint almost every day.
A word about my influences:
At PNCA the (now) late print maker Gordon Gilkey was my mentor and was incredibly inspiring, and I adored him and his passion for prints. He had a great collection of prints which I believe he donated to the Portland Art Museum. He let me hold an original Picasso print on one of our adventures perusing his collection. He handed the print to me and at one glance I knew what it was… I remember the sensation of holding something so special.
There are many artists whom I admire greatly, including Douglas Fryer, Quang Ho, Kevin Macpherson, John F. Carlson, Monet.
I love showing and selling my work online. I have made many collector and artist friends through this process, and feel that I know each of my collectors. I’m so grateful for all the positive feedback I’ve received. I also show in brick and mortar galleries – sign up for my newsletter (which also offers exclusive deals) or visit my News page for upcoming shows.
I love painting light and form, and am not as concerned about subject matter. But I do have three themes that I return to again and again: birds, landscapes, and moms and babies bonding. I also love painting everyday objects like fruit and flowers. Rather than capturing details, I try instead to capture the light effects, the color harmony, and the feeling and weight or substance of the things I paint.