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James Pringle Cook


Artist Biography

James Pringle Cook is a native Kansan who was raised in Eskridge, an area known for its tall grass prairie and the Flint Hills. He now resides in Tucson, Arizona, with his wife and fellow artist, DeAnn Melton. Cook maintains a studio in his family’s former business location in Eskridge and frequently returns to Kansas to paint his beloved Flint Hills. Jim Cook received his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from Emporia State University and his Master’s of Fine Arts from Wichita State University.

Mr. Cook has acquired an impressive list of major art museums and corporations throughout the world who collect his work. His artwork is in the best tradition of American oil painting. His paintings are full of virtuosity, with vigorous and confident brush strokes. He often creates his paintings in a large-scale format that brings us closer to the vast splendor of the American landscape and the drama of the industrial scenes for which he is well known throughout the art world.

James Cook paints because he loves it. The smell, texture, and feel of the brush wet from the paint stimulate his hand. His work is impressionistic, however, he provides the viewer with a recognizable reality. His impasto technique creates a surface full of movement and texture. The paintings jump off the canvas as the colors bring them to life. The details of the image can be examined closely and the scene grows increasingly cohesive from afar.