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Dana Hassett


Artist Biography

Dana Hassett’s paintings are a personal journey-reflecting the many moods of the Tallgrass Prairies and High Desert Country.Walking cross country to a location and “setting up” in an area of quiet peace, she begins her “en plein air” painting. The paint is applied “alla Prima” (wet into wet) in impressionistic shapes and values. Hassett explains, “When the image is down on canvas and you view your vision of a scene, you feel as if you have become an extension of something greater. Isn’t that what we all seek in this life’s journey?” Dana travels extensively to record her experiences “en plein air “.

Dana lives in the rolling Flinthills of Kansas, and feels like an extension of them. Whenever the mood strikes, she hikes to the pastures around home or drives ten minutes to the higher hills to find and catch an impression on canvas.

She has a degree in design from the University of Kansas and has been in the professional quarterhorse industry for more than 30 years. After an animal related injury that she began to paint in earnest in 1996.

Paintnig outdoors provides the artistic growth, the spontaneity and integrity that are a must for her. These outdoor color studies are used as a basis for her studio work. She is influenced by the Russian Impressionist:

Dana’s Artist Statement:
Painting is a journey celebrating the gift of life. A moment in time, thought and heart created as a happening that will enrich our lives. It is a method of bringing to mind an adventure that can be lived with, nurtured and enjoyed. This celebration makes each of us a part of something more.