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Don Tiller


Artist Biography

I am intrigued with the imprint left on the landscape when touched by mankind. Whether depicting fields and fences or the urban scene, I have given my interpretation of man’s attempt to initiate order in nature. Natural chaos provides interest balanced with geometric repetition.

I remember drawing cartoon characters, animals, cars and imaginary rocket ships as a child. I drew on scrap paper, board ends and cardboard – anything that would hold a mark. My introduction to painting was through the tempera colors that my dad brought home from a local sign painter and the “borrowed” vials of pigment from my sister’s paint-by-number kits.

I was off on an artistic journey that would take me through college and into the next decade, only to be interrupted to raise a family and build two successful retail businesses. After returning to art full time, oils remained my medium of choice until a few years ago when I made the transition to acrylics. They are less toxic, odor free, and transport easily on my frequent plein air painting sessions. Each medium challenges me differently to find a process that will reflect a conversation with the subject.

My body of work is primarily composed of interesting shapes and bold colors. The paintings are snippets of warped remembrances allowing you a glimpse of the things I have seen and the places I have been. When someone quips “I think I’ve been there” or “I know where that is” I know the connection between creator and viewer has been made.